Fatima was in the kitchen when she heard her husband coming down the steps towards her direction. She quickly fled to hide away from the tyrant who was her husband. She opened the first door she found without looking in. So scared was she that she wanted to avoid his wrath. The injuries inflicted were too numerous to explain. She constantly wore flowing robes to hide her war marks. What could have in store for her? With bated breath she waited anxiously. As his footsteps receded she began to take note of her environment. She was in a padded room. Is Mohammed a psychiatrist? He never told her what he did for a living despite her asking. She took in her surroundings. For the first time as she looked closer she saw three women. They looked harrid. She wondered if they were mental patients being treated by her husband. As she turned to get a better look. One of the women called out to her. ” Please help us!” She cried. Fatima was stunned. Who could they be and why should they be asking for her help? Not wanting to incur her husband’s anger, she quickly opened the door and walked out. She shut the door back quietly. Her mind kept returning to the women.

Where could she be? She hasn’t left the house, has she? He was worried about this girl and her curious nature. She asked questions too much. She gives him no breathing space. Mohamed searched the nook and cranny of the house to no avail. She must be around here somewhere hiding from him that he was sure of. Never mind he would ferret her out. As he went back into the house he saw her by the stairs. She looked like an apparation. Coming out of thin air. Well he had finally found her , now he could rest easy.

” Where have you been? Mohammed quizzed his wife. ” I got lost around the house you know how big the house is? I easily get lost”, She replied. True the house was big enough to get lost in that he couldn’t fault. But not minding he would have to be on top of his game. Else Fatima would outsmart him. ” Alright , prepare breakfast for me , I’d be going out”.

He never left the house. He was always indoors. She ran to kitchen which she had earlier vacated and started fixing breakfast. She was determined to make sure that he found no reason to loiter about the house so she could go back to room she stumbled upon………

The Opposite of Love

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference. Because of indifference, one dies before one actually dies. To be in the window and watch people being […]

The Opposite of Love

Roses and Thorn

We all have Fears and Expectations in relationships . But we sometimes get disappointed.

We are all afraid of getting hurt we don’t want to let others see how much they hurt us. We are scared of ourselves. Letting yourself be cheated out of a good relationship at times is because we are afraid to let go of the past. The past has a choke hold on us. We are like a 🌹 rose beautiful on the outside to anyone seeing it. Admired for it’s beauty. But we seldom forget it’s thorns 🌹 🌹 until we try picking up the rose and then we get stung . Every smiling face has a grieving heart. We just don’t let it show. Pains are a maturity period. They are steps we must take to get a better understanding of ourselves and our relationships. Hence it is to remind oneself of the good stuff when ever we are feeling blue. It’s a phase it would pass. Being hurt, cheated on, dumped , betrayed is learning process. We would come out stronger if we hold on and believe that my best is yet to come.


This singular emotion has been a source of happiness and sadness. We are sometimes so blindly in love that we refuse to see the errors staring us in the face. It is a good thing to note that love is meant to be enjoyed not endured. A lot of people are enduring love. But loving someone should be an experience that is unfathomable. The above quote sums it up nicely. At times there are no words indeed to describe what you feel when the love is true. Words fail but actions speak louder than.

Narrow Escape It was a beautiful morning as Kathy strolled down the street. It was pleasurable to be out and about. It was pleasurable to feel the breeze on one’s skin. She was at ease with the environment enjoying the serenity. It was indeed a very nice day for a walk. As she strolled leisurely enjoying the view she stumbled upon a handsome young man. He was standing by the curb and waited for her to come closer before he beckoned on her to get her attention. She was taken aback as she saw him. She stopped and asked what he wanted. ” Well I’ve been watching you for a while” he said. Not seeming to understand where the conversation was headed she asked ” But I don’t know you, and by the way I am relatively new”. He just smiled that secret smile like he knew something she didn’t . In response to her question he replied ” I’ve been seeing you around for a while, I know you are new in the estate” he confined. She was still uncomfortable with the whole scene and wanted out as soon as possible. Seeing her unease he reassured her that he wasn’t out to hurt in anyway and would intact love to be her friend if she didn’t mind. A complete stranger wanting to be her friend that was too much too digest. She beat a hasty retreat out of there without saying goodbye. It looked like she was rude but the deed had been done. She couldn’t bring herself to apologize for her attitude. The young man stood bewildered by her strange behaviour wandering what he did wrong. It wasn’t the end of the road he would try again some other time. Confident and resolute he walked away. Kathy arrived home in a daze and disoriented from the encounter. She was still in shock when her sister walked in and asked if she had seen a ghost. She looked with glassy eyes and just kept mum. Her sister let her be and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Kathy slowly took in deep breaths. The euphoria of the moment was gone and she was slowly returning to the land of the living. She shook herself free from the vibes and went into the room to change and then came out a little while later much better than when she came in. Seeing she was calmer now, Grace asked ” What happened to you earlier?” She told her sister about the guy she met and how he shocked her with his open admittance. Her sister laughed and told her that she was overreacting. After all the guy couldn’t have been stalking her. Could he? Well she wasn’t long in the estate and she already had an admirer her sister teased. Kathy just kept quiet. Dinner between the sisters was quite that evening. They both watched some programmes on T.V and later on Kathy said good night to her sister and went to bed. The encounter of the day was quite forgotten for the time being. So she rested her head and dreamt sweetly. Waking up to the new day Kathy prepared to deliver some of the applications she had written to see if she would get lucky. She took her bath, brushed her teeth and was soon dressed and ready to go. ” No breakfast” Grace asked. ” When I return” she replied. She dashed out of the house to the bus stop and waited for a bus going to her destination. She had quite a number of schools to go round that day. She dropped the applications and was told they would get back to her. She was hopeful that at least one of them would pay off. She couldn’t afford sit on her hands. She came to Abuja for a change and was hoping it would all turn out better than she expected. She was in high spirits as she headed back home. It had been a week since her encounter with the stranger. She didn’t see him when she went to do some shopping the other day. Confident that it was just a one time thing she was more relaxed and less tensed. She was her normal cheerful self. Grace was happy with the new Kathy. She told her about it and she smiled. As the days turned into weeks it looked like she was free from the ‘ bogey man’ , so she resumed her usual evening stroll. As she walked she came across a park. She sat on one of the benches and just looked at the magnificent view. It was breath taking. As she enjoyed the view a lone figure stood afar off looking at her. She didn’t suspect that she was been watched. As she looked at the time it was 7:pm. She headed back home and didn’t notice the shadow stalking her every step. As she got closer to home she increased her pace as she didn’t like walking at night. Timothy watched as she walked away. Her steps were brisk and he soon fell back not wanting to be seen. He would be more cautious and subtle in his approach when next he talked to her. He would make sure he gets her number and the rest would fall into place. He would bide his time well. He couldn’t afford to be made a fool of the second time. A few weeks later Timothy got the chance to talk to Kathy again. ” We meet again” he said cheerfully. Turning around to see who it was trying to engage her in conversation she saw the guy from a few weeks ago. ” And what can I do for you?” She asked saucily. Not put off by her attitude he introduced himself saying, ” hello I am Timothy Bello” . Wondering what to do she reluctantly replied ” I’m Kathy Williams”. He asked how she was doing, trying to make conversation but she was not interested. He then asked ” can I have your number please”. She looked at him like he was out of his mind. She didn’t readily give him a response and walked away. He ran after her and shoved a paper into her hand then walked away. The piece of paper was held loosely in her hand. She opened it and discovered that it contained his phone number. What should she do? Call him? She felt like he was trying too hard and she wasn’t budging. She was steady as a rock. Wanting to call a truce since he said he wanted to be her friend she called him. ” Hello” ” Hello, please who am I speaking with?” ” It’s Kathy, the lady you gave your number to” ” Alright, I’m glad you called, how are you doing?” This was the beginning of the friendship between Kathy and Timothy. In the days that followed they had a wonderful time together. But all along during this time she kept having this nagging at the back of her mind that this ‘ friendship’ was too good to be true or even last. Thus she played it by ear. Something strange and odd struck her about this guy. Each time she arranged for a meeting so they could talk like normal friends, he always finds a way to wiggle out of it. It turns out he was an Army officer. He was based in the area for a while. Being ignorant of his sinister plans she pursued their friendship honestly and sincerely without prejudice. Things between them was not exactly great rather it was weird and distant. He called her up once in a while. She felt like he could be the one. She was careful not to become too attached. A little caution would do no harm. Having been friends for a while she decided to know his place since they both live in the estate. He was elated when she told him this and she didn’t read any meaning to his elation. He lived alone. As they got to his house, he invited her in. Two of his friends were I’m but left immediately he arrived with me. Coincidence! Kathy sat on the only available chair. The house was furnished with modern gadgets. He offered her a drink which she declined and opted for water instead. He took her into his room. They got talking and he said he was an accounts officer. She said she was looking for a job. He then asked her for a massage. Stunned by the request, she replied that she had no experience in giving a massage. He said don’t worry I would show you how. Hr opted to teach her. He asked her to take off her clothes. She complied. It was a weird scene but she had complete trust in him. He wouldn’t hurt her, would he? He let his hands roam free over her body and she soon noticed that he was caressing her breasts. It was at this point that the scales fell off her eyes. She sat up and asked ” what are you doing?” He was determined on getting laid and I looked like an easy prey. How convenient. She quickly pulled away from him and started arranging her clothes in place. She was lucky indeed that she didn’t push her luck. The light was turned off and then she asked him to please turn it back on. Behold , there was a wedding band on his finger. ” Timothy, you are married!” She exclaimed. He replied that he only just wore it. That he wasn’t really married. During the conversation his phone rang and he left her in the room to take it in private. No hard feelings. Baffled by the turn of events she decided to take her leave. On his phone screen saver there was a woman and a baby those were his family. He volunteered to take her home. That was the last time they saw one another. Over the following week she kept in touch through texts and calls. Finally, a week after the near sex incident he sent a message saying his fiancee was suspecting us. Kathy told him to tell her that there was nothing between them. She felt her heart beating fast in her chest. She wondered how she landed herself in such a precarious situation. There was no further communication between them. She kept wondering what she did wrong to deserve such fate. Such deep seated lies from a stranger with an ulterior motive. He wanted to take advantage of her naivety so to speak. Just a simple tumble in bed was what he was looking forward to. He should have made his intentions known. ” Wow! What a world!” Lies go around. Hurtful lies that could ruin meaningful relationships. She has long since lost interest in men generally and now focuses on building her career. She manager to start up a small business and was ready to take it to the next level. She had moved on only a scar remains from the 2 weeks rendezvous with the married Army officer looking for a fling. She is indeed strong. She never told her sister the details. Though she met him once. She just said it didn’t work out the way she thought. At times our innermost thoughts tend to guide us and reveal things that hitherto looked impossible or untrue in the physical but on a deeper examination of facts they are actually true. Kathy learnt a grave lesson and came to appreciate the saying ‘ don’t judge a book by it’s cover’. Timothy looked trustworthy and charming. On the first scratch, but scratching deeper he was actually a viper with a venomous sting. Giving the heart is an arduous task. She learnt not to commit too soon. Good looks don’t always imply good intentions. It’s true that one must never make oneself an easy prey. She scraped through unscathed luckily. She might have been raped and no one would be wiser about it. Destiny and fate worked in her favor. She is ever grateful that it didn’t extend beyond the level it did. Lucky girl! Don’t you agree. I am sure that Timothy would be seething in rage as he only just sampled the goods but never got to tasting at all. Touché.

Scarred Memoir of a battered wife

As she sits in silence nursing her wounds it occurred to her that she had endured more than her fair share of beatings. Her husband bless his soul is no longer a part of her life because she had killed him. Yes. It was a drastic measure. Her house had become a battle field. It was not live and let live. It was a jungle. She was constantly fighting for her life. Sleeping with one eye closed for fear of being killed in her sleep. Fatima had been married to Mohammed for 3 years. It was the longest three years of her life. She thought she had married a loving and caring man. But alas she inadvertently plunged herself into a dungeon. A dark, musty, dungeon. She had endured enough and couldn’t keep up it any longer. As she looked blankly into space she wondered how her husband became the monster. Had she been blind to his monstrous side. How could she not have seen how phony he was until it was too late. The battle for her life was fought. It was an ardours task. As Mohammed was bent on taking her life she was determined to live. As he raised the knife to stab her in the chest. She dodged and managed to wrestle the knife away and in the struggle that ensued she stabbed her husband. She looked at her husband lifeless on the bed. She looked at her hand. It was bloody. She shivered and wondered how it came to this. Here is her story Fatima tells us about living with an abusive partner.

In life we always believe that we can’t run away bad situations but we always need to make the best out of it though it’s choking us. Fatima Abubakar a beautiful young woman was with her parents. She was in secondary school when her father decided that she was ripe for marriage at the age 18. Mohammed Isah was the husband her father chose for. He was older than her and already  had 3 wives prior to herself. She couldn’t flaunt Alhaji’s will and like a sheep going to the slaughter she agreed. This was the beginning of her ordeal. Alhaji Yusuf never asked about his friend’s previous wives. He was satisfied with the fact that he was a wealthy man. That was all that should matter. She left Kastina for Borno where her husband resides after the marriage. She was initially treated like a queen. In the house she wasn’t allowed to do anything. Her husband said he wanted her not to stress herself as she was to look after the children when they began to have them. Feeling cherished she was comfortable with the arrangement. The servants in the house were always looking at her with sad pale faces. No one talked about his previous wives. It was a taboo in the house. As time went by Isah’s attitude began to change he was hostile and cold. The servants began to withdraw one by one. Until there was no one left. Isah was a bitter and angry man. He would shout at her for no just cause. She began to see sides of him that were darker than night. Six months into the marriage the beatings began. He would beat her at the slightest provocation. She began to wonder what brought about this extreme change. Questions! Questions!! Questions!!!

What to do? How can she survive in this environment? She called her mother. ” Hello mama” Fatima greeted her mother. ” How are you Fatima?” She asked ” I am not fine” was her prompt response. Her mother was perplexed by her daughter’s response. What could be the problem she wondered. Fatima related her ordeal to her mother who was shocked by the report she was receiving. Mohammed was adjudged to be a very responsible man. That was why she agreed to the marriage. She promised to tell her father about it. Fatima ended the call as she heard footsteps. Laying still as a statue in bed, she heard as the door to the bedroom opened and her husband entered the room. He walked over to her side of the bed and she held her breath. Convinced that she was asleep he crept back out of the room. 

What could be the reason for his sudden and abrupt departure? What had she done this time around she wondered to herself. Shortly after he returned and climbed into bed. Where could he have been to? What fate awaited her? Will she survive through the night? All these questions were running through her mind. She hardly slept all through the night. Constantly tense and alert against any eventuality. Mohammed slept soundly beside her with no worries. She was strung tighter than a string. At the crack of dawn, she was awake. She stood up from the bed and tiptoed outside. She was living like a theif in her own house.

Mohammed woke up and he was happy with himself. He was confident that he would never be discovered. His three previous disappeared under mysterious circumstances. No one knows their whereabouts. They were held hostage against their will. Once they reported him to their parents, he cut off all communication and threatened to kill them if they so much as told anyone that he was abusive. The women were in a soundproof room. No matter how much they screamed no one heard them. He went to check on them as Fatima slept soon she would join the rank of his previous wives then she cycle would begin again. He was enjoying himself. As he turned he discovered that Fatima was already up. How come she was fast asleep not to long ago. She is going to be difficult to tame and subdue. But he would have the upper hand.