Why we can love someone and still let them go

We can’t always be happy with who we love at times. Respect matters in a relationship. You don’t have to the only one giving while the other person feels entitled. It’s a two way street. If you are not been respected but you still love it’s time to think about it

Merry Christmas

It’s the season to Merry and to give. Just as Christ gave himself for us. His birth we commemorate today. Merry Christmas.


The biggest thief of time it is. An incident recently opened my eyes to the dangers of procrastination. And I realized that I was in the dark about the nature of the incident. If I had spoken up earlier things would have been resolved promptly if only I had summoned courage and asked at the time instead of postponing the issue. I won’t be this naïve about issues. Saying them early brings a faster response. Lesson learned the hard way. I won’t ever procrastinate on matters . I am the one who will feel its effect

Fear vs Faith

Fear can have a death grip on a person that they become withdrawn. It makes one believe that they can’t achieve what they set their minds on. It is a nagging feeling that makes you question yourself repeatedly. Listening to the voice of fear is easy as it sounds logical. But faith on the other hand sounds illogical and impractical. It looks like what cannot be achieved at all. To some it’s like building castles in the air. Completely unattainable. But faith’ s voice is often suppressed while fear takes centre stage. But know this when fear knocks let faith open the door. Fear hinders from moving forward making one stagnant whereas faith cheers you on saying you can do it don’t give up you are almost at the finish line.

Relationship ends whose fault is it?

When a relationship ends who is to blame? Most times men blame the women saying they are proud, picky, not submissive the list is endless but will never agree that they also have their own fault in the matter. They paint themselves as a saint while the woman in quality is the sinner. I wonder why? The blame should be shared equally if it’s amendable fine if parting ways is the best choice so be it. Not totally saying it’s your fault like only women can do wrong. I am not saying women don’t have their faults but at least it’s obvious that most times men believe that women have to submit totally to their whims and fancies. They have no mind of their own to take worth while decisions.

Sometimes I think men see women as air heads who can’t seem to think for themselves. It amuses me to know that some men want a women’s life to completely revolve around them. They sometimes don’t appreciate what they have. Complaints like you are ugly, fat in that irritating tone is annoying. They appreciate other women outside but never their wives.

They say women emancipation is a myth that some women are trying to assert freedom. When men have refused to step up to the plate. Women find themselves in a quagmire. The masculinity of women is due to the ineptitude of men to fend for the home. Yes some men allow their wives work while they stay home to look after the children it’s a matter of mutual understanding and cooperation. If you are wrong own up to your mistake and if I am wrong I can also admit my failings. Not heaping the whole blame on the women and then stand aloof. It’s disheartening.

In my Opinion

Sometimes having a clear picture of a situation is not because you are overtly intelligent. It’s because you possess an inner understanding that helps to deduce matters. A light 💓 heart makes for a merry soul. A fable is what it is an incredible story it doesn’t it makes it less believable. The opportunity to correct should not be used as a way to show off unnecessarily. Some one may have a better idea than you do. Humility can sometimes be misconstrued for stupidity. But they are in no wise related. Respect others and they will respect you too. Don’t let others reactions stop you from doing good. They can’t leave a mark but want to besmirch other people’s effort at well doing.

A mirror can’t judge

Be Yourself

Work hard be somebody, Don’t let them judge you. Be focused don’t let others tear you. Be yourself. Hold yourself in high esteem. A mirror can’t judge you are who you see in the mirror.

Lil Wayne


Sometimes people come into our lives either as a blessing or as a lesson. We can be left with bitter memories or sweet experiences. But know indeed that is a purpose why people cross your path. They either come to add to your worth or devalue your worth. Nothing just happens everything occurs for a purpose we just need to find that purpose.

Onojaria Eloho

Not Afraid

I am huge fan of Eminem the rap God. These lines from his song at times makes me reflect on life and its struggles. But we still try to pick ourselves up after falling countless times. Falling doesn’t make you failure. Refusing to get up is the real show of cowardice. Most times we rise up and become stronger.


Most times we struggle to change things about us. But at times it seems that the harder you try the more frustrating it gets. So you beat yourself up constantly. It’s time to good your head high, pick up the pieces of yourself and get your act together. Cause the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Pay attention to your own yard. Stop comparing it to your neighbours’ . Change is force that comes from within and then reflects on the outside. We can change but ask yourself who or what are you changing for? If it’s someone else, it’s messed up! If it’s for yourself because you have had enough and what to take a stand. Kudos. Cheers! It’s not a walk in the park. But it’s a step in the right direction.

When love alone is not enough

Most times in relationships where people are saying they are in love. I have come to realize that there are other attributes that douses or grows love. Yes without these other team mates love alone can’t win the day. Commitment, understanding, trust faithfulness, fidelity, to mention a few. Love thrives when others set the pace and lay down the foundation. At times we may not love someone but realize that we can grow with them. Why? They are stable, dependable, caring, protective, we claim we don’t love them but remember not everyone experiences love at first sight. In some seemingly loveless relationship, love grows on the part of the other partner who was hitherto uncommitted. Whereas we have seen some relationships where there is love but no peace, infidelity is present, where was the love to curb these vices. I am NOT against genuine love but we can learn to adapt and adjust so that we know when our love is been taken for granted so as not to have repeated ❤️ Heart breaks. Hence if love emerges with other attributes it makes any relationship or marriage enviable. Working on the relationship is also important for it to last. One person should not be blamed in the lapses of the relationship. Is there love when one is been belittled? Taken on a fools ride? Love is NOT the first quality to look for in my own opinion but commitment and understanding. These are the stepping stones to a successful relationship. At times we see people we say did not marry for love become close and have a lasting marriage while a love match ends up in a divorce.